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Born in Miami, FL and a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, Elliot Osrin comes from a multi-cultural and heavily artistic family tree dating back to pre-revolutionary Cuba. There, his family owned a local movie theater and published works in Havana newspapers prior to the communist takeover. His grandfather Ray Osrin, was a controversial political cartoonist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer for over thirty years, and undoubtedly passed on his artistic gene which inspired Elliot to pursue a career in the arts. 

Osrin is an alumnus of Christopher Columbus High School, where he was heavily involved in illustrating for the school paper, producing videos, and lettering in football. Upon moving to California to complete his education, he began working in advertising and promotion at CBS Television at just 19 years of age--gaining valuable corporate experience in the entertainment business, and learning from some of the industry's most creative minds.

Since then, he has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Film & Electronic Arts (where he graduated cum laude), donned the red coat of the CBS Page Program, worked with two-time BAFTA award winning filmmaker Wayne Derrick, producer Malek Akkad of the Halloween franchise, and rock-n-roll legend Joan Jett among others. He was very heavily involved in "prediting" original TV spots for future CBS hits like "Hawaii Five-O" and "Blue Bloods", in addition to working on over 450 live-shows during his time at "The Talk" on CBS, an Emmy winner during his final season.

As an interesting aside; Elliot manages the Instagram account known as "Small Wars", a daily photo gallery with a tremendous following of over 6k users and international engagement. It contains various featured works all dedicated to the "Star Wars" franchise, using action figures ranging in size from 3 to 12 inches, image composites, and practical effects to create a scene. He actively engages followers and members of the artistic community, seeing the gallery as an inspirational outlet to share and express.

Elliot Osrin

Video Editing: Hawaii Five-0 Preview Spot (:30)

Video Editing: Hawaii Five-O Preview Spot (:15)

Video Editing: Blue Bloods (:30)

Video Editing: Blue Bloods (:15)